Keeping Adam Alive Repress

Seeing as they sold out so fast we decided to repress them. This time on Square 7″s. This release is also very limited. The records are pre order only. If we sell 100, 100 are pressed. You can pick it up in the store for the next 3 weeks only. Also Brassneck Records from England have teamed up and they will be doing all of the European orders. Check them out here

Caffiends Tour Dates!

Aug 16th Jacksonville, Fl @Shantytown Pub w/Poor Richards

Aug 17th TBA

Aug 18th Charlotte, NC @The Milestone

Aug 19th Baltimore, MD @Charm City Art Space W/Braceface, Trashkanistan

Aug 20th Philadelphia, PA @Teri’s Bar

Aug 21st New Brunswick, NJ @Papa Vitos w/TBOTW, and Canon Law

Aug 22nd Boston, MA @Fort Warner

Aug 23rd Brooklyn, NYC @No Quarter w/The Young Rochelles

Aug 24th Youngstown, OH @Cedars w/ Spastic Hearts

Aug 25th Pittsburgh, PA @TBA

Aug 26th Chicago, IL @The Grand Bar w/Bumsy and the Moochers

Aug 27th Columbia, MO The Fitting Room

Aug 28th Dayton, OH @Recreate w/Sub X and Mayliner

Aug 29th Cincinnati, OH @The Frankl Church w/Team Stray, Dead North, and Delay

Aug 30th Augusta, GA @Tba

Aug 31st Atlanta, GA @Wonder Root

Sep 1st Gainesville, FL @Don Walrus record release show more info TB

Scr-032 Keeping Adam Alive Benefit Comp


This took ridiculously long to come out for several reasons and I hope it still helps and has meaning. Anyways….

6 unreleased tracks on clear/x-ray. Limited to 61 units on 10″ records. Adam was injured last year at Awesome Fest. All Proceeds go to him and his family to help with medical bills.

1. The Copyrights – Schools Out (Groovie Ghoulies)
2. The Turkletons – Find Another Girl
3. Caffiends – Sealab
4. Grath and Kate – The Poop Song
5. Up For Nothing – Wearing Thin
6. The Dopamines – Quality of Armor (Guided by Voices)

Pick it up here!

The digital version will be up in a few days. I’m assuming this will sellout pretty fast since its very limited.

We moved!

Don’t send any mail to the old address and ignore what it says on top of this page. Were now located at 1320 W. Princeton St. Orlando, FL 32804.

Also just a quick update. SCR-030 has been sent to press. It’s a new 7″ from Don Walrus (ex or current or something Assassinate the Scientist) from Gainesville. Immediately following we’re putting out a split CD for Rock N’ Roll Television/Peabodys, a Tape for Caffiends, and a split 7″ for The Fake Boys/Caffiends. Take care.