SCR-001 GNARLY WHALES “Unicorns of the Sea” 7″ (300 pressed on mixed colored) *Out of print*

SCR-002 V/A  “5 Dollar Swamp Comp” CD (30 bands featuring Andrew Jackson Jihad, Gatorface, Off With Their Heads, Sakes Alive!!, Static Thought) *Out of print*

SCR-003 LARF “Garage Days/365” CD *Out of print*

SCR-004 a CD from a band from Jacksonville *Out of print*

SCR-005 CEREPHESIS “The Life and Strife E.P.” CD *Out of print*

SCR-006 GNARLY WHALES/TRAGWAG “Truck Nuts” split 7″ (100 clear 200 black) *Out of Print*

SCR-007 STATIC THOUGHT/WARTORTLE “Shadows” split 7″ (100 blue 100 white 300 black)

SCR-008 WARTORTLE/KDC “Roadkill” split CD *Out of print*

SCR-009 KDC “…..Good Mourning” CD

SCR-010 BEARLAKE “E.P.” CD *Out of Print*

SCR-011 a CD from a band from Indianapolis *Out of print*

SCR-012 V/A “Swamp Comp 2 (Swamp Life)” CD (30 bands featuring Copyrights, Dopamines,Ghostmice, Hammer Bros, Saint Catherines, Static Thought)

SCR-013 LARF “Goin Goo” 7″ (100 yellow 200 black) *Out of Print*

SCR-014 GNARLY WHALES “S/T” Tape *Out of Print*

SCR-015 CAFFIENDS/ROCK N’ ROLL TELEVISION “Too Many Hits” split CD *Out of print*

SCR-016 V/A CANCER IS A PUNK “A Benefit for Breast Cancer” 12″ (200 pink 300 black featuring Direct Hit, Dopamines, Landmines, Mixtapes)

SCR-017 VA CANCER IS A PUNK CD *Out of print*

SCR-018 LAZY BOYZZZ/WET NURSE “Wet N’ Lazy” split 7″ (100 clear red 200 black)

SCR-019 KDC/SCUM OF THE EARTH split Tape *Out of print*

SCR-020 SWAMP COMP 3 (1000 post cards, donation based)

SCR-021 The Fizzy Pops “Manic Motives and the Art of Faking” CD *Out of Print*

SCR-022 TRAGWAG “TRAGFLAG” Tape *Out of Print*

SCR-023 Chilled Monkey Brains “We’re All In This Together” CD *Out of Print*

SCR-024 Among Giants “I don’t know you” Tape

SCR-025 Up For Nothing/The Fizzy Pops/Caffiends “3-way split” 7″ (100 green 200 black) *Out of Print*

SCR-026 Caffiends “Boris Dogavitch” 7″ (10 glow in the dark/black splatter, 100 glow in the dark, 190 black) *Out of print*

SCR-027 Mutant “Demo” Tape (30 clear, 50 green) *Out of print*

SCR-028 DeeCracks/The New Rochelles “The Smile of the Tiger” split 7″ (1st pressing 100 Orange, 200 Black, 2nd pressing 200 black)

SCR-029 Up For Nothing “In Trance” 7″ (500 on mixed color vinyl, co-released by It’s Alive Records)

SCR-030 The Peabody’s/Rock N’ Roll Television “Always About A Girl…. A Punk Rock Split” CD (Co-released by SP Records)

SCR-031 Caffiends “Whatever” Tape *Out of print*

SCR-032 V/A Keeping Adam Alive Benefit Comp 10″ (61 clear/x-rays featuring Dopamines, Copyrights, Grath and Kate, Caffiends, and Turkletons) *Out of Print*

SCR-033 Don Walrus S/T 7″ (50 white, 100 violet, 300 black, co-released by Jeremy Records and Naked Bingo Records.)

SCR-034 V/A Keeping Adam Alive Benefit Comp Square 7″ (84 black co released w/Brassneck featuring Dopamines, Copyrights, Grath and Kate, Caffiends, and Turkletons) *Out of Print*

SCR-035 Caffiends S/T 12″ (100 green, 200 black, co-released by Jolly Ronnie Records, Chisel Records, and Brassneck Records)

SCR-036 Caffiends “All I got” 5.5″ (52 clear square lathe cut) *Out of Print*

SCR-037 Gnarly Whales “Can’t Even Get Depression Right” Tape

SCR-038 Caffiends/Wolf-Face split 7″ (200 yellow, 300 black, co-released by Mooster Records and Anti-Authority Records)

SCR-039 Spastic Hearts – No Girls, No Fun LP (22 white. 40 blue, 460 black, co-released by Jolly Ronnie Records and SP records)

SCR-040 The Songs of Neutral Milk Hotel: A Tribute 12″ (Featuring Off With Their Heads, Mischief Brew, Gnarly Whales, Tragwag, Days N’ Daze, The Slow Poisoner, Inspector 34, and Endless Mike and the Beable Club,  300 black co-released by Fringe Sound Records and Pocket Cat Records)

SCR-041 The Windowsill/The New Rochelles split 7″ (500 black, co-released with Lost Youth Records)

SCR-042 Skinny Genes – Ugh 7″ (250 green, 250 blue co-released with It’s Alive Records)

SCR-043 Up For Nothing/Resolutions split 7″ (500 white, co-released with Team Beard Records and Homebound Records)

SCR-044 Parasites Tribute Comp Cassette “Parasongs” (Featuring Less Thank Jake, Masked Intruder, Iron Chic, The Queers, The Ergs, Sloppy Seconds, and many more. 100 Neon Green, co-released with Kid Tested Records)

SCR-046 Caffiends – No Gods No Decaf LP (100 white, 100 Red, 300 Black, co-released with It’s Alive Records, Eccentric Pop Records, and Rad Girlfriend Records)

SCR-045 Gnarly Whales – I hate Folk Punk 7″/CD (300 7″s: 100 White 200 Black, 100 CD’s, co-released with Ant-Authority Records)

SCR-047 Wolf-Face – Love Songs for the Lycanthropic LP (300 on mixed colored vinyl)

SCR-048 RushmoreFL/Handsome Scoundrels split 7″/Tape

SCR-049 Vicious Dreams – Somethin’ Vicious 7″ (200 glow in the dark, 300 black co-released with No Front Teeth Records and Hovercraft Records)

SCR-051 Jagger Holly – Dj Free Europe LP (500 black co-released with Monster Zero Records)

SCR-052 Squarecrow – Rammi Jamms LP (200 white, 300 black co-released with La Escalera Records, Def Cow Records, Bombpop Records, and DId I stutter Records!)

SCR-053 Rad Company/Raging Nathan’s split 7″ (500 black co-released with Rad Girlfriend Records, Sex Sheet Records, and Catnip Records)

SCR-054 MDC/The Antidont’s split 7″ (200 Orange/300 Black)

SCR-055 Caffiends/Peabody’s split 12″ (100 Blue/200 Black)

SCR-050 Swamp Comp 4 Cassette (100 Lime Green)

SCR-056 Caffiends/Snacks? split 7″ (150 Yellow, 150 Orange, 20 Black co-released with Get Party Records)

SCR-057 Vicious Dreams/The Ridgelands split 7″ (100 Red/Black splatter, 100 White/Black splatter, 300 Black)

SCR-058 Radd – “Selfishly Titled” Cassette (50 Transparent Blue)

SCR-059 RushmoreFL – “Don’t Over Think It” CD/Cassette E.P.

Coming Soon:

SCR-054 MDC/The Antidont’s split 7″ (Second Pressing 500 WHite)

SCR-060 The Florida Rooms LP (300 Black)

SCR-061 The Young Rochelles 6″ (80 clear square)

SCR-062 Dougie Flesh and the Slashers Cassette




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